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Rosalba Taylor - A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa & Salon

Rosalba Taylor

Cosmetologist and Spa Designer of A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa, was born on February 14th, 1971 in Veracruz , Mexico .
At the age of 16 she broke into the industry;with Jafra cosmetic products, where she became fascinated with a career in beauty and skin care.Rosalba:attended College at Princess Institute in Xalapa Ver. Mexico where she was a recognized student not only for her determination but for her strong desire to help people change for the better. Rosalba started at the top, working for 3 years as an Esthetician for Cancun Palace in Cancun Mexico, a 5 star resort, where she gained an outstanding reputation and clientele. Attended RPM makeup school makeuponlinetraining.com


But that wasn’t enough, Rosalba had higher goals. She opened her own salon, Hadzuth in Aventura Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico where she met her soon to be husband and business partner, Doug Taylor.  Rosalba and Doug moved to the United States in March of 2000 where Rosalba received her US State License of Cosmetology. She went to work for the Elemis spa, located inside of Paris & Aladdin Casinos in Las Vegas until she and Doug decided to open their own spa, A Touch of Las Vegas, where they combine quality and great service with a unique atmosphere.



Douglas Taylor - A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa & Salon

Douglas Taylor

Founder of A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa, was born September 13th, 1957 in Portland Oregon .  He was involved in many family owned restaurant businesses where he learned the importance of customer care and service. Doug attended Mount Hood Community College where he received his Associates Arts Degree in Architectural Engineering. From there, Doug took an interest in competitive figure skating where after 5 years he started having back problems which led him to the world of massage therapy. Due to consistent back problems, he started receiving therapeutic massage which he found to alleviate the pain and speed the recovery time. Though he could not continue in his career in figure skating, the experience had introduced Doug to the benefits of massage therapy. He studied massage therapy in Portland Oregon as an Apprentice and was then offered a job at Aventura Palace , a 5 star resort in Cancun Mexico , where he gained extensive knowledge of the Spa industry and met his future wife, Rosalba. After 2 years, he decided to further his education and knowledge in Fort Myres , Florida at the Florida Academy of Massage and Skin Care. Doug and his wife moved to Las Vegas , where he worked under Dr. Frances Raines for two years and then moved onto Massage Therapy at the Paris Hotel & Casino in the Mandara Spa for 4 years. Doug and Rosalba decided to open their own Spa in October of 2006. A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa is a unique Day Spa resulting from their combined talent, knowledge of product and customer care. The extensive menu allows you to choose and combine your favorite treatments ensuring that your spa experience at a Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa will be both.