About Us

Eighteen years ago, our founders started the very first high-end luxury spa located outside of the hotels on the strip. In doing so, they transformed the spa business by offering the same experience that the hotels did, at a more reasonable price. A value for money proposition that just can’t be beat when compared to the costly services provided by the hotel industry. Since those beginnings, the passion and focus on relaxation, bliss, and quality of the spa remain at the foundation of our business today.

A Sanctuary for the Senses
Rediscover pure bliss as you journey to a transcendental state of mind here at Las Vegas, Nevada’s preferred day spa; memorable experiences await you, providing you with a true appreciation of where you are in the world. A TOUCH OF LV SPA has created a globally-infused sanctuary offering a place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul in an awe-inspiring location just off the strip. A TOUCH OF LV SPA, a Sanctuary for the Senses.