Oligomer Massage

We offer an Oligomer massage for both singles and couples. These massages give you a boost of energy by delivering trace elements through Oligomer products, and because we use Swedish massage techniques, you also get the classic benefits you receive from a traditional massage. View our pricing.

What is Oligomer?

Oligomer is a molecular substance that features just a few monomers, and usually the number is less than five. These molecules existing in contrast to polymers which have an infinite number of monomers, but these scientific definitions barely touch on the magic of Oligomer Spa treatments. These holistic products feature active ingredients that are specifically designed to remineralize and fortify your skin, and of course, those active ingredients are oligomers.

Holistic Spa Treatments

An Oligomer massage is a holistic treatment. That means that rather than focusing on just one aspect of your body, these treatments improve several aspects of your body at once. If you applied the Oligomer products on their own, your skin would get the benefits from it, but when you combine the skin health benefits of this product with a Swedish massage, you also get mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Oligomer Massage

With an Oligomer massage, your massage therapist uses Swedish massage techniques while applying the nourishing skincare products. The long and deep strokes associated with these traditional massage methods help your muscles to release tension. They also boost your circulation, encouraging cell metabolism and bringing new cells to your skin. That rejuvenates you and can help with healing.
However, Oligomer massages don’t just benefit your skin and muscles. The treatment goes deep into your body. It reduces stress by causing your body to make fewer stress hormones, and at the same time, it boosts your body’s production of serotonin.
After an Oligomer massage, our clients tell us that they feel relaxed and tension free. They also feel energized and refreshed. From a beauty perspective, they notice softer, smoother skin with better treatment.

The Process of an Oligomer Massage

When you get an Oligomer massage, the process can start with a marine immersion. That remineralizes, softens, and cleans your skin. Then, we do a body scrub with Oligomer crystals which helps to exfoliate your skin, and as this is a no-rinse product, we massage it into your skin during the Swedish massage portion of the treatment. This two-stage approach helps to restructure your skin with oils and then it remineralizes your skin with light feeling products.

You deserve to relax with a quality massage, but your skin also deserves a treat. An Oligomer massage is the perfect combination. If you’re kicking off a vacation, let this massage relax you, beautify your skin, and prepare you for the fun of a vacation.
However, at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we don’t just offer spa treatments to travelers. We know that the residents of our city also deserve to relax, and we would love to treat you as well. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Arrange an Oligomer massage on its own, or complement this massage with one of our spa treatments. Then, consider spending some time in one of our relaxing private hot tub, spa, and relaxation rooms.