Scrubs With Massage

We offer pure, innovative skin care using the most luxurious, natural ingredients available, to remove toxins, increase circulation and create a natural radiance. All scrubs conclude with a 50min or 80min Massage using protein body lotion, sealing in moisture and leaving the skin luxuriously refreshed.

Pacific Paradise

Your island transformation begins with dry skin brushing to smooth skin and stimulate circulation. Then a Papaya Pineapple Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin. Warm Coconut Milk is poured over your body followed by a transporting Tropical Massage. You may never want to be rescued!

80min $170
110min $200

Tri-Crystal MicroDermabrasion Body Scrub

Begin with a dry skin body brush to stimulate circulation. Then A full body Tri-Crystal MicroDermabrasion body scrub is used for the ultimate exfoliation, leaving your skin super smooth and supple.

80min $185
110min $215