Scrubs, Wraps & Massages


Wraps with Massage

Remineralizing Body Wrap with Swedish Massage
Anti Stress, Anti-Fatigue, Invigorating, Jet Lag Recovery, Moisturize
If feelings of stress, fatigue and low energy are creating imbalance for your
physical and emotional well-being, sea water is the perfect solution. An essential oil infused with seawater provides all the trace minerals to rebalance sluggish cells, in turn eliminating the cause of many skin and body conditions. This treatment combines the powers of marine-therapy and aromatherapy to leave skin feeling silky and the body calmly re-energized. Absolute Transformative Bliss!
50 min Wrap and 50 min Massage -2 hour session $225
Sea Foam Body Wrap with Swedish Massage
Relax Tight Muscles, Tissue Detox
For tight muscles, joints and tendons and intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep with in. This treatment will leave you body detoxified, remineralized and fully oxygenated. Awake from relaxation to refreshing shower and an application of rich body cream, which leaves the surface of the body beautifully transformed as the inside. Wow, what a feeling! Purely a unique experience with benefits that last!
50 min Wrap and 50 min Massage -2 hour session $245
Sea Holistic Treatment with Thai Massage Techniques
Unwind Tension, Restore Balance to the Entire Body
This unique exfoliating, relaxation experience seduces the senses and imparts
exquisitely silky skin. After marine oil and salt gently polish the skin, steamed, fragrant linen bundles, filled with Marine Salt Chrystal’s and Lavender buds, deliver warmth throughout the massage. Inhale their hypnotic perfume as the sachets are pressed onto aching muscles and energy meridians. The massage movements, based from Thai massage techniques, are combined with pressure point and stretching to unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body. A truly Zen experience.
50 min Wrap and 50 min Massage – 2 hour session $235

Scrubs with Massages

Silky Multi-Exfoliation Scrub with Swedish Massage
With a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid create perfectly silky skin.
Once the body is massaged with this complexion enhancing blend, a final olecreme body milk is applied to the entire body for quenched, smooth skin. Super smooth! Leaves the skin amazingly silky.
30 min Scrub and 50 min Massage -1 ½ hours session $185