<h1 id="titletext"; style="color: #f69f81 !important;">Brown Spot Removal</p>
A Touch of Las Vegas Med Spa will only perform cosmetic procedures and products approved by the FDA.
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Is how you feel about your skin, impacting your quality of life?

  • A third of people feel unattractive because of age spots, sun spots, moles and freckles and try to hide them
  • More then 20% feel that these marks make others focus on their skin
  • Pigmented lesions can be present from birth or develop with age
  • Brown marks often develop with age and as a result of sun exposure
  • The color change is caused by clusters of pigment cells (containing melanin)
  • Extended exposure to sunlight increases the amount of melanin present in the skin

Fast, Efficient, Proven

Gentle Pro devices incorporate state-of-the-art technology to deliver short pulses of light energy into the skin. The light energy
is absorbed disproportionately by the concentration of pigment which forms the unwanted lesion. This selective delivery of laser energy
destroys the excess pigment and fades the lesion, but remarkably leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected. This is the brilliance of laser light.

What you can expect

  • The number of treatment sessions required varies from patient to patient, typically two to four sessions are needed.
  • Each session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, however again it will vary depending on your individual needs.
  • Some people feel a slight discomfort with each laser pulse, describing the sensation as similar to having an elastic band
    snapped against the skin. Ask your provider what you should expect.
  • You will be able to resume normal activities after each session, however you may be given specific advise, such as avoiding
    sun or abrasive skin cleansers on treated skin for a few days.
  • After treatment, a cool compress or gel pack may be applied. If you do have any redness or swelling after treatment,
    this should resolve in a couple of hours. Permanent side effects are rare however should be discussed with your provider.
  • You should always follow specific instructions from your healthcare provider.

High Quality Services

A Touch of Las Vegas Med Spa offers high-quality skin care services. Get the experienced care your skin deserves. Call us today to learn more
about our services and get your FREE consultation!  We assure you that our FDA-approved cosmetic procedures are safe and guarantee the
results you expect. We advise all our clients to schedule regular touch-up treatments to maintain their results.