Fine lines, drooping skin, and tired eyes are an inevitable part of the aging process, but with an anti-aging facial, you can slow down this process and rejuvenate your appearance. Our anti-aging facials are therapeutic, relaxing, and enjoyable, and they offer the below benefits. View our pricing.
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Improves Skin Appearance

Anti-aging facials start with exfoliation which takes away dead skin cells, leaving behind fresh, youthful looking skin. Then, we apply moisturizers to help your skin look softer and more supple. To ensure the facial meets your specific objectives, we customize the treatment for your unique skin type. As a result, you leave our spa looking and feeling younger.

Makes Skin More Elastic

As people age, their elastin naturally breaks down. This makes skin less elastic. In other words, it’s harder for skin to snap back to its original shape when it’s stretched or pulled, and that even applies to gravity pulling on skin. The products that we use in our anti-aging facials help to disrupt this process and make your skin more elastic.

Enhances Texture

Unfortunately, as levels of collagen, elastin, and fat begin to deplete in your face, it can affect the texture of your skin. Additionally, sun exposure and dry heat can also take a toll. When we massage the right anti-aging products into your face, the texture begins to look smoother, and it feels softer to the touch.

At home, people are often tempted to over scrub their skin, or they may use products that don’t complement their skin type. That can also compromise the texture of your skin. To help, we let you know which products we use in your facial so that you can embrace some of them in your everyday skin care routine.

Encourages Detoxification

Although most people think of ingesting toxins orally, it’s important to keep in mind that your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s a porous gateway between the outside world and the inside of your body. As a result, your pores can get clogged with impurities over time, and skin can absorb a lot of toxins from the outside world.
Our anti-aging facials help to reverse this process. Facials draw the impurities out of your skin, and the vitamins and minerals found in our products revive the health of your skin. In other words, you replace impurities with healthy elements that make your skin glow.

Speeds Cell Metabolism

An anti-aging facial also helps to speed up cell metabolism. This happens due to the products being used but also thanks to the procedure. As our estheticians massage your face during the facial, it improves circulation and encourages old cells to make new ones.

At a Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we offer anti-aging facials for all skin types, but these treatments are particularly ideal for mature skin. Whether you’re on vacation or just need a break from your busy Vegas life, this pampering treatment is just the thing — it’s a veritable fountain of youth for the skin.
Many of our clients say they feel younger instantly. To make an appointment for an anti-aging facial on its own or paired with any of our other delightful spa services, contact us today.