Thai Massage

To revive your energy levels, surrender to the intuitive touch of one of our professionally trained Thai therapists, who will stretch, relax and remove any stress out of you. Perfect for anyone who needs to enjoy this kind of experience every once a month or … more frequent. All Thai massage services at our high-end luxury clean spa facilities are done by Thai therapists. Our Thai therapists are known by our clients, tourists and residents alike, to be the #1 most professional luxury Thai therapists in Las Vegas.
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Thai Traditional Massage

A perfect mix of subtle stretching with rhythmic massaging and compressions to balance the body system and energy flow.
This massage uses traditional Thai techniques to apply deep palm strokes with delicate stretching without oil or lotion.
We will provide a pajama for this service.

Fusion Thai Swedish Massage

A blend of Thai and Swedish massage techniques with stretching before and during massage to unblock stiffness and enhancing flexibility -soft to medium massage with
soothing, long strokes and some thumb pressure

Thai Combination Massage

A medium to strong massage where the therapist applies deep thumb, elbow, fore-arm and palm pressure with slow, firm, rhythmic strokes with oil or lotion.
These techniques uplift the senses and ease muscle tension, leaving you fully invigorated.

Whether you’re traveling through Las Vegas or live here full time, your muscles deserve a nourishing, revitalizing vacation, and a Thai massage may be the perfect solution.
After your high-end Thai massage service experience, treat yourself to some time in our private luxury clean relaxation rooms with hot tubs, steam room and saunas.
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