Private Steam Rooms

Steam rooms have been known to provide a variety of health benefits. If you haven’t tried this type of therapy before, now is the best time to start. Here are just a few of the reasons to visit our steam rooms in Las Vegas. View our pricing.
steam room las vegas

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is one of the most deadly conditions affecting Americans today. Studies of older individuals have shown that moist heat helps to improve circulation, especially in the arms and legs. Spending time in a steam room has been shown to lower blood pressure, leading to a healthier heart.

Clears Sinuses

The warm, moist air of a steam room is the perfect environment to break up congestion inside your sinuses and lungs by warming the mucous membrane and encouraging deep breathing.

There is controversy over using steam therapy at home because of the risk of burns. However, steam rooms are much safer, as long as you limit your time per session. We kindly ask that you refrain from using the steam room if you have a fever to avoid complications.

Workout Warmup

Getting your body loose and warm before entering an intense workout is key for avoiding injury. The use of a steam room as part of your warmup routine can aid in joint mobility for common workout activities like running, Pilates, and yoga. Many active people from novice runners to professional athletes have tested the benefits of heat therapy on joints before and after physical activity to great results.

Produces Aldosterone

For some people, when they enter a steam room, their body releases a hormone called aldosterone which helps to regulate blood pressure. The effects of the steam help to lower high blood pressure for these individuals and also lead to the feeling of relaxation you may be familiar with.

Improves Skin Health

Living your day-to-day life can wreak havoc on your skin. Sweating at the gym, wearing makeup, and working in the yard can all cause toxins to be trapped in your skin. Spending time in a steam room helps to open up your pores to let all the dirt and grime of life clear itself out. You’ll step out with clear skin, feeling refreshed and renewed.

Workout Cool Down

The heat of the steam room causes your heart rate to increase. If you’re doing a cardio workout, your heart rate will already be elevated. Entering the steam room after your workout will help maintain a higher heart rate, therefore burning more calories.

When combined with proper diet and exercise, steam rooms can be a great way to help maintain your fitness goals.

Reduces Cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate your level of stress. High levels of cortisol relate to high levels of stress. Spending some time in a steam room helps to lower the level of cortisol, therefore helping you to relax and unwind.

Faster Workout Recovery

It’s no secret that heat therapy is beneficial to the body after working out, to help relax sore muscles. The heat can penetrate deep into your muscle tissue and help relieve the pain, sometimes called delayed onset muscles soreness. Moist heat has also been shown to be more effective than dry heat in aiding muscle recovery.

Immune Booster

Hydrotherapy boosts immunity and steam rooms are one form of this. Leukocytes are cells that fight infection. When you expose your body to warm water, these cells are stimulated. Regularly spending time in a steam room can boost your immune system to help you get sick less often.

Rain Shower in Spa Rooms Las Vegas

Our spa rooms feature luxurious rain shower heads with LED lights. These shower heads simulate the feeling of rain on your skin to help to cleanse your body of stress, release tension, and renew your spirit. The addition of LED lights has many health benefits. LED lights don’t produce the nearly imperceptible but still damaging flicker of traditional lights. This flicker is known to cause eye strain and headaches. LED lights are also silent, so you can enjoy the relaxing rain shower in your spa room without the annoying hum of lights.

Resting Areas

When you rent one of our private Las Vegas rooms with hot tubs, we also provide a space for down time. After you exit the Las Vegas hot tub, rinse off in one of our luxurious rain showers. Then, take a breather on our soft, inviting, and meticulously clean benches. There, you can sit or recline, as you meditate or relax.

In the resting areas of our private spa rooms, you get to feel the stress leaving your mind, the tension releasing its hold on your body, and your spirit renewing itself.

If you’re planning a Vegas vacation, consider taking a break from the partying, a rest from the business meetings, or even some time away to treat yourself to relaxation that is truly transformative. While vacations and business trips can be hectic, we offer a place where you can retreat from it all and just be you. If you live locally, you also deserve a break, and our Las Vegas hot tub spa private rooms are just the thing. Contact us today at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa.