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To revive your energy levels, book one of our sports massages. Perfect for everyone from professional athletes to weekend joggers, sports massages nourish your mind and body, and they provide the below benefits. View our pricing.
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Complement Your Training Regimen

A sports massage is more than just a relaxing getaway. It’s the ideal complement to your workout routine. Before a marathon, an important competition, or any other sports event, massage therapy can help to prepare you.
Sports massages improve flexibility, boost endurance, and help clear your mind before the big day. As a result, you will be less likely to get hurt or feel fatigued while competing. After an intense workout or competition, a sports massage can help your body and mind to recover. In fact, research suggests that whole body vibration with stretching can reduce soreness after workouts.

Provides Relief Where You Need It

During a sports massage, we focus specifically on the areas that are getting the most stress during your workouts. Over time, repetitive motions can wreak havoc on your muscles. As muscles get stronger, ligaments can shorten, especially when people forget to stretch before and after their workouts. Sports massages help to stretch out and lengthen these ligaments to bring you relief during the massage but to also help you avoid injuries in the future.

Helps Reduce Pain

Aches and pains can be inevitable when you’re an athlete or when you workout a lot, but they can also disrupt your routine. A sports massage from a skilled practitioner can help to get rid of pain and keep your body moving smoothly. To get the most benefits, you should make a sports massage a regular part of your schedule.
According to the Clinical Journal of Pain, people who received neck massages once a week for just 10 weeks experienced a 55% reduction in pain levels, and they improved their scores on the Neck Disability Index by 39%.

Increased Range of Motion

Athletes need a full range of motion, and that applies to gymnasts, dancers, football players, runners, and everyone in between. Sports massages help to safeguard and improve your range of motion. Massage therapists are trained in how to find the place where muscles meet tendons, and they work on these areas to eliminate tightness, improve your range of motion, and avoid future strains. The research agrees — a 2010 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research says that even a 30-second massage can improve the range of motion in the hip-flexor region.

Keeps You Motivated

Like all massages, sports massages also have a lot of cognitive benefits. Namely, they reduce your body’s production of stress hormones, while boosting the levels of hormones that make you feel happy. As you know, it can be hard to workout when you’re feeling down, and if you need an extra motivational boost, a sports massage can provide that.

Whether you’re traveling through Las Vegas or live here full time, your muscles deserve a nourishing, revitalizing vacation, and a sports massage may be the perfect solution. To set up an appointment, contact us today at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa. After your sports massage, treat yourself to some time in our private relaxation rooms with hot tubs and saunas.