Have you and your spouse or partner felt a bit disconnected lately? It happens to the best of couples. Between working, taking care of kids, and the general busyness of everyday life, taking the time to reconnect somehow gets a low priority. However, it could be just the boost your relationship needs as well as the relaxation that each of you crave as an individual. A Touch of Las Vegas Spa offers complete packages for couples that includes an individual massage for each of you and an hour together in our Vegas hot tub.

Options for Your Couples Massage

As you enter our massage room, you will notice that the lights are turned down low to promote relaxation right from the start. Each of you will lie on separate tables and have your own massage therapist. Here are just some examples of the types of couples massage you can choose:

  • Deep Tissue: With this type of massage, your therapist applies firm pressure directly to your tissues to help melt away any stress or tension you hold in your body. Not only can muscle knots and stiff tissues make you feel stressed, they can cause pain, inflammation, and mood instability. Each of you feels better in mind and body at the end of the session.
  • Hot Stone: To help you become as deeply relaxed as possible, your massage therapist places smooth volcanic rocks on various spots of your body such as your feet, toes, hands, arms, legs, or spine. You can also request to have them placed in other areas. The long and circular motions by your massage therapist complements the heat to help you release tension.
  • Swedish: The most classic type of massage, the Swedish massage involves your therapist applying pressure to sore muscles to increase the metabolism of your cells, stimulate your circulatory system, and reduce the number of stress hormones present. This is proven to produce a feel-good response because it boosts serotonin, one of the hormones responsible for mood.

From the Massage Table to a Private Hot Tub Room

Your couples massage experience does not end once your massage therapist has finished his or her work. You go directly from the massage room to a hot tub room set to 90 degrees. Best of all, you will be the only two people in the room. That means all you and your partner need to do is relax and enjoy this special and uninterrupted time together.

Most couples wish they never had to leave after a massage and hot tub experience. After leaving the heat of the hot tub room, you return to a comfortable lobby with the temperature set at 70 degrees. Schedule an appointment for your next couples massage experience at A Touch of Las Vegas day spa.