Does it seem like you and your spouse have been everywhere in Las Vegas for date night already? If so, you may find yourselves settling for dinner and a movie when you do manage to get out. Fortunately, you have many other options in the city that never sleeps. From a couples massage to indoor skydiving, you just need to know where to look for them.

Up for an Adventure? Go Skydiving Indoors

Perhaps you and your husband or wife have looked at people jumping out of an airplane with a parachute on their back with a sense of amazement. Although you would love to have such an exciting adventure, neither of you can muster the bravery or strength to go through with something so daring. Indoor skydiving provides the thrill of trying something new in a safe and controlled environment.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is just one example of a local business that caters to the adventurous. Together, the two of you can take a Learn to Fly course where you will float and free fall through the air with gusts of wind hitting your face as strong as 120 miles per hour. Once you have the basics down, book another session together for whichever amount of time works best for you as a couple.

Go on a Haunted House Tour

If you and your partner are up for a real scare, Las Vegas is home to at least a half-dozen haunted houses. You will learn the spooky history of some of Sin City’s most notorious buildings and the celebrities who frequented them. Besides providing you and your spouse with a two-hour or three-hour tour, some haunted house businesses also provide dinner before setting out for a spooky evening. Some places in Las Vegas you might want to check out include Bonnie Screams, Freakling Brothers, Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve, Las Vegas Haunted Tour, or Vegas Specialty Tours.

Aim High with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Did you know that Las Vegas is home to more hot air balloon operators than any other major city in the country? High above the busy streets below, you will enjoy a wide-open view of the Las Vegas Strip, Mount Potosi, Red Rock Canyon, and other famous sites. Your options for your flight time range from a private riding basket for two to a morning, afternoon, or evening ride with other adventure seekers. Some local establishments to consider include Las Vegas Balloon Rides, Vegas Balloon Rides, and Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides.

Get a Couples Massage at A Touch of Las Vegas

Few things could be as romantic on date night as getting a couples massage in a relaxed setting with each of you having a massage therapist dedicated to your comfort and pleasure. We use only a small amount of ambient lighting and spread dried rose pedals on each person’s massage table for the ultimate in pampering.

After deciding to go ahead with a couples massage, your most pressing question will probably be which one. We invite you to contact us in advance of date night to determine if the Swedish Massage for Two, Oligomer Massage for Couples, Deep Tissue Couples Massage, or the Couples Massage with Hot Stones is the perfect one for you and your love.