The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year and for good reason. With parties and planning, family get togethers and gift shopping, there’s really very little time to relax. However, this go-go-go mentality can easily wear you down and lead to burnout. It’s important that you make time to relax and when you do, make it count. At A Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we have gorgeous private spa rooms that will give you the time and solitude you need to recoup from the holiday stress and prepare for the rest of the season.

Take a Relaxation Journey On Your Own

Sometimes, alone time is exactly what you need to rejuvenate your mind and body during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Our private spa rooms include a hot tub, an infrared sauna, a steam room, a rain shower, and a relaxation space. Start with an unhurried soak in your own hot tub and then sit back and relax as steam and healing infrared rays penetrate your skin and pores. Rinse off under the rain shower and indulge yourself with our luxurious shower products. Then, lay back in our relaxation area and let your body release the stress and your mind wander away from the to-do lists. Our private rooms take relaxation to a new level, where you can have a spa experience in complete privacy, away from other people.

Enjoy Finding Peace with Your Partner

Our private spa rooms are also perfect for enjoying some alone time with your partner this holiday season. Our hot tubs, steam rooms, and infrared saunas are large enough for two, so you and your partner both can achieve deep relaxation together in a completely private space. The relaxing energy will will help transform your bodies back to their natural, stress-free state of being, and you’ll both feel more connected and rejuvenated when you leave. If you and your partner are both feeling the stress of the holidays, find peace together in one of our revitalizing private spa rooms.

Book Your Private Spa Room Today

Because our spa rooms are private, swimsuits and clothing are optional. You can move from space to space depending on what you feel like for the ultimate relaxation experience. Not only will you experience deep peace after visiting our spa room, you’ll also receive a number of wellness benefits that can help prepare you for the toll the holidays and the changing weather have on your body. Aquatherapy dilates your blood vessels and promotes blood flow, while infrared saunas help flush the toxins out of your body as you sweat. They also help to relieve pain and restore a youthful appearance to your skin.

Don’t let the holiday season overwhelm you. Make some time to get away and take care of yourself, with or without your partner. Book your private spa room at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa today by contacting us. Fill out our simple online form and we’ll get back to you right away. Or, call us directly at 702-871-0899 to set up your appointment.