When they think about a sauna, Las Vegas visitors and residents often imagine a relaxing experience after a workout. But, a sauna actually offers a lot of additional advantages. In fact, if you have a cold or a sinus infection, some time in the sauna may help you to feel better.


Heat Helps Relieve Congestion

When you have a sinus infection, the lining in your nose swells. That creates pressure which leads to pain around your eyes, forehead, and the rest of your face. Some people experience pressure headaches, and the symptoms get worse when they bend over. When you apply heat directly to your face with a hot towel or if you spend time in a warm environment such as a sauna, that can help to reduce swelling and relieve congestion.


Benefits of an Infrared Sauna in Las Vegas

When they go to an infrared sauna, Las Vegas visitors and residents get more than just a warm environment, they also get to enjoy many of the benefits of infrared therapy. Sometimes called red light therapy, infrared light encourages your body to make more white blood cells. When you have an infection, you want as many white blood cells as possible because they fight disease and infection.

On top of that, infrared therapy can also help to speed up healing, promote healthy cell functioning, reduce joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms, and improve blood flow. When you’re not feeling well due to a sinus infection or a similar issue, all of these benefits can help you to feel a bit better.


Relaxation Is Essential for Healing

Beyond the direct benefits offered by an infrared sauna, Las Vegas visitors and residents also get to enjoy the healing power of relaxation. Relaxing helps to reduce stress, and when your body is holding onto stress, it also holds onto illnesses. Relaxation also helps to lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and slow your breathing. As your body goes into a relaxed state, your immune system can work harder at flushing out infections.


Private Saunas Are Perfect

When you have a sinus infection or a cold, you probably don’t want to be around a lot of other people or in a noisy environment. Luckily, you can get all the benefits of a sauna while still retaining your privacy. At A Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we have private hot tubs, saunas, and relaxation rooms, and the environment of our spa is quiet, welcoming, and relaxing. If you want some time on your own to heal and relax, one of our private rooms is perfect. Many couples or families tend to develop illnesses at the same time, and these rooms can also accommodate couples.


Ready to learn more? Want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in Las Vegas? Contact us today. At A Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we offer a variety of spa treatments, massages, and more for our clients. Make the most of your next Vegas vacation by booking an appointment with us or if you’re a Vegas local, treat yourself to some healing time in our spa. We look forward to helping you on your path to wellness.