When they get a massage, Las Vegas residents and visitors get to relax and enjoy some “me time”. Massages are always great, but we’ve got a few ideas to help you get the most out of your experience.


Schedule Strategically

To fully reap the benefits of your massage, schedule strategically. Treat yourself to a massage at the end of a hard week to kick off a decompression weekend, or schedule your massage during another time when you really want to relax. If possible, don’t schedule your massage when you have to return to work or another stressful environment right away.


Be Present

We all have packed schedules but it’s worth it to give yourself time to arrive and become present. When you put your massage on the calendar, mark it down for 15 minutes before you scheduled it. That way you can take some time to briefly meditate and shed the stresses of the world before your massage begins.


Snack Lightly Before the Massage

If your stomach is growling, you may get distracted during your massage. On the other hand, if you have a huge meal before your massage, you may feel bloated and uncomfortable. Strike a balance by eating a light snack before your massage. Grab a granola bar, yogurt cup, or carrot and celery sticks to take the edge off.


Get Hydrated

Massage releases a lot of toxins that are held in your muscles. After your massage, you should continue the detox process by drinking a lot of water. We’ll offer you a bottle of water when you check out, but you should also have more when you get home, and keep drinking throughout the day.


Fuel Up With Something Healthy

Although they are relaxing, a massage also takes up some energy. To get your body back on track and ready for the rest of your day, you should fuel up with something healthy. Check out The Juice Standard, SkinnyFATS, or Veggie House nearby A Touch of Las Vegas day spa.


Continue the Relaxation

A part of scheduling strategically, you should schedule your massage at a time when you can relax after the massage. For instance, rather than booking a massage during your lunch hour on a work day, schedule your massage after work or on your day off.

When you get into your car after the massage, skip the hard tunes and opt for some relaxing music instead such as KUNV 91.5 or KJUL 104.7. Also stay away from the news or anything that tends to make you feel stressed. Instead, find ways to continue the relaxation with some yoga at Body Shrine or Bikram Yoga Las Vegas, a peaceful walk around your neighborhood, a relaxing bath, or a day reading and watching your favorite movies.


Have Regular Massages

To truly get the most benefits from their massage, Las Vegas visitors and residents should schedule regular massages. That helps to ensure that you don’t lose the relaxing benefits and keeps your muscles as relaxed as possible. If you’re an athlete or training for a special event, you may even want to get two or three massages per week.


You deserve the health benefits of a massage, and with the above tips, you can make the most of your time at the spa. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa today.