The holidays can be great, but for most people, they also come with a big side of stress. To alleviate those feelings and start the new year off on the right foot, you should consider booking a session at our Las Vegas massage spa. The benefits of relaxation at our spa include the following and more:


Health Benefits of a Las Vegas Massage Spa

Massage has been used since ancient times, and the practice doesn’t just endure because massages feel great. Massages also offer a number of real and lasting health benefits. Massages are great for speeding up recovery after a physical injury, but they also help to stimulate your immune system, encouraging healing on all levels. On a psychological level, massages help to reduce stress levels and slow your body’s production of stress hormones, while boosting happiness hormones.


Massages Can Be Tailored to Your Needs

When you come to a Las Vegas massage spa, you don’t just have to choose a standard massage. There are multiple types of massages available for a range of different occasions. Depending on your unique health and wellness goals, you can choose a sports massage, a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, or a variety of other techniques. You can also focus on specific parts of your body, with treatments such as reflexology or scalp massage.


Other Services Are Available At Our Las Vegas Massage Spa

A massage is just the beginning. For post-holiday destressing and preparing for the new year, you may also want to try the other treatments available at our Las Vegas massage spa. Consider breathing vibrancy and health into your skin with a full body scrub or a body wrap. Alternatively, explore microdermabrasion and enjoy the benefits of getting rid of some old skin and invigorating the growth of new skin.


Relax in the Private Hot Tub Rooms

You should also consider just giving yourself some time and space to decompress. At a Touch of Las Vegas Spa, that’s possible in our private hot tub and sauna rooms. The perfect size for couples but also a lovely space for singles, these private spaces feature access to a relaxing hot tub, a soothing sauna, and a personal relaxation space. To really get the most of the experience, you may want to book a combo deal that includes relaxing massage treatments as well as time in this private space. For instance, in January, you can start the new year with a special that combines a Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and time in the private hot tub room.


Relaxing can be hard. You are probably busy with work, family, or countless other obligations, and it can be challenging to just let everything go. At Touch of Las Vegas Spa, we specialize in making relaxation as easy as possible for our clients. Contact us today to book a massage along with some of our other services. Or just feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you at our Las Vegas massage spa.