Sometimes you wish that you could just step away from responsibility and stress for a few hours and have someone pamper you for a change. This happens to be the specialty at our sauna spa in Las Vegas. Located less than five minutes from the Strip, we offer instant stress relief to local residents and visitors alike. You might have visited Las Vegas for the nightlife and casinos, but you can still take some time to enjoy one of our many relaxing spa services.

How Visiting a Sauna Spa in Las Vegas Can Help You Manage Stress

Visiting a spa to receive a massage offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. The more often you visit our sauna spa in Las Vegas for massage, the more likely you are to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better quality of sleep
  • Calling in sick less often to work
  • Improved pain relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions affecting the joints
  • Improved blood circulation and better blood pressure control

You may wonder how the simple act of getting a massage can trigger all of these wonderful benefits. Massage stimulates better stimulation of lymph flow, which in turn boosts your body’s immune system. Lymph flow stimulation helps to rid your body of bacteria, excess waste and water, and harmful toxins. You should also notice improved posture and that your muscles feel sore less often.

Enjoy One of Our Peaceful Hot Tub Rooms All to Yourself

We are excited to let you know about one of our newest offerings. We invite you to book a private hot tub room to enjoy the ultimate in stress reduction and relaxation. Perhaps you crave solitude and the time to soak in a hot tub with no interruptions. You can have this experience at A Touch of Las Vegas. For the ultimate mood enhancer, we will assist you in preparing the room by lighting candles if you would like and turning the lights down low.

Maybe you and your partner both feel stressed out from the demands of life and need time to unwind and reconnect as a couple. Our private hot tub room is perfect for this as well. We are happy to provide a couple’s massage session or help you set up the room in any way the two of you would like to make it extra relaxing and romantic.

You are the boss when it comes to deciding how you want to enjoy our private hot tub room. We offer several options, including the following:

  • Aqua Pura Room: Soothe your body and quiet your mind while enjoying the sensation of warm water washing over your entire body.
  • Serenity Room: Take advantage of the serene surroundings to reach a state of inner peace.
  • Vitality Room: Find the inner energy you have been lacking to manage your stress and feel at one with the world.
  • Wellness Room: Take some deep breaths, relax, and clear your mind to make the best choices for your life going forward.

Ready to learn more about massage, our private hot tub rooms, and other services we offer? Just contact us today.